I exploded today.

My voice rang out loud and clear

& booming.

I had forgotten about my temper.

Had forgotten how quickly fury

can wash over and consume me

It filled the room

found it’s target,

surrounded and extinguished it.

My fury commanded silence and

it was obeyed.


It lingers,

I have found.

Hangs around me like smoke,

dissipating. Slowly.

It chokes me. Like poison

it sputters from my mouth

my lips.

Set off by one word.



There is power in words

Deep. Aged.

Setting me off

Causing me to burn hot. Fast,

like a match to straw

Word Wizard

Last night, a man was met.
He spun words of magic and
Linked them from the depths
Of his spirit, directly to the cosmos.
Using words like “awake” and
“Waking” in the same line,
Pulling attention to the meaning
Of the phrase, the purpose of words.
Stream of consciousness –
He writes about philosophy
Nature and love.
Weaves them together to tell
The story of his heart.
Invites you to join in his reverie
Asks that you understand
However small, a bit of his soul.