I am happy today. Why you ask? Because I held a woman in my arms last night. I held her close and we let our feet be carried by music pulsing through our bodies. My mouth grazed skin darker than my own; dark and warm and smooth like coffee on a bright summers’ morning. She tasted of fire and flesh and freedom. I wrapped her in my arms and felt whole again. I felt like a woman again. I found something of myself that I’d forgotten I’d lost – my passion.


A fever has me in it’s grips. My skin burns as hot as stirred embers, yet my blood runs cool through my veins.  I sweat and yet I shiver. 

In spite of this, it is not water, nor medicine I crave, but the touch of another’s flesh.  The feel of soft curves curled up beside me, the sight of long smooth lines glistening in the moonlight. 

Closing my eyes, I trace the line of her body from the tip of her ear down, ever so happily down to the base of her perfectly shaped hip.  I crave a woman.  A woman in all her glory.  Perhaps that is the only thing to heal me.