She plopped down onto the stool in an exhausted, but gay fashion

She glanced over her surroundings searching for the hint of commradarie 

She found none.

The bartender brought over her drink, setting it in front of her

Smile warm, knowing

She saw only the drink.

Cupping her palms around it, 

she stared

Watched the foam pop

and ring the edges

Raising it to her mouth, she inhaled a little

Before taking a sip

then another

and another

Until the drink was gone.

Deciding she still felt too much,

She ordered another. 

Stand Back!

Stand back!
I am going to try –

Feeling those things…
What are they called?

A revolutionary thought
To be sure
Feelings generally are meant

To be boxed up
Put away
Saved for a rainy, rainy day

What’s that saying?

When it rains it pours!
I can’t take it anymore!
Time to try another way

Feel these feelings everyday
No more locking them away

Perhaps I’ll begin

With one a day
No sense in getting carried