I feel something give, even as tears drip from my eyes

I feel it loosen it’s grip around my chest, sad, nameless thing, bound up in archetypes and love, closing out the lessons of the past few years

I think this is the start of what I’ve been dreaming about

These dreams seem to be preparing me for some kind of journey

They are becoming more detailed, more layered, climbing and falling into themselves, leaving me always questioning, always feeling for more

Before I open my eyes, I feel myself going, feel myself realizing wakefullness is calling

What will my future hold? What waits around the twists and turns of time and space?

Time can be a cruel mistress. I move through her uncertain, but somehow sure

Knowing she will lead me to where I need to go

if only I have the strength enough, the courage enough to combine mind, with body, with spirit, with soul.


Don’t fear the Sandman

Welcome him into your eyes

See the messages he sprinkles into your mind

He is whispering truth to you

Sometimes, truth is violent

Sometimes, truth is gentle

Always though, it is terrible and destructive

Lovely and beautiful


I think I’ll dream of you forever

Your blue-grey eyes

Will follow me into sleep

Each time the Sandman

dusts my eyes with earth


I dreamt of you the other night

In that dream, I walked away
But only after I saw the pain
Smeared like mud across your face

I opened my eyes,
and clutched my chest
Fighting my demons for breath…

Run! my heart whispered,



I dreamt of you last night

You who dance in and out of my senses

I walked into your kitchen, a place of magic

& creation

There were bottles on your counter,

Petite and smooth, clear and shining

Inside were butterflies


dripping off their wings, they

Glistened like amber in


Enchanted Dreams

Setting sail to the

Land of Dreams,

Following wherever the

Stars may lead.

In many directions they

Cast their glow,

Where they lead

Only they know.

Does the land hop

From place to place

Or do those magicĀ 

Stars guide and lead

The sailors of those

Enchanted Dreams?