May 1, 2015

If I were to push you from my mind,

How far would you fall?

Would you crash?

Shatter into a million pieces,

Or would you land on the ledge

Just outside my consciousness

Where you will wait

Before you slowly begin your climb

Back inside.

Word Wizard

Last night, a man was met.
He spun words of magic and
Linked them from the depths
Of his spirit, directly to the cosmos.
Using words like “awake” and
“Waking” in the same line,
Pulling attention to the meaning
Of the phrase, the purpose of words.
Stream of consciousness –
He writes about philosophy
Nature and love.
Weaves them together to tell
The story of his heart.
Invites you to join in his reverie
Asks that you understand
However small, a bit of his soul.