tiny meager mighty things

How do we hear what speaks in echoes?

if we hush our breath

can we hear the ancestors dance?

is that my ancestor’s skirt rustling in the wind?

who but the gods can tell

with their journals full of secrets

like Laplace and his demon

chronicling memories of the past

creating infinite space for future dreams


sits scrawling lazily

tiny meager mighty things


spreads their wings and shoots

directly into the sun

on earth we call it lightning

as their wings fall from the clouds

feathers scatter then burn

before ever reaching ground


Do we fear interaction?

Do I fear interaction?

I fear it and crave it in turns

Fear usually wins

What would happen if we

Looked into each other’s eyes?

What would we see?

How would we feel?

I walk through life terrified –

How did I get this way?
how did I get this way?