puddle image.jpg

I’ve been feeling stuck. Trapped in cyclical narratives about writing and who I am as an artist. A friend suggested I write a poem about something mundane. Like a puddle. So, here it is.


Sometimes you just want to stand in the rain

Sometimes you just need to stand in the rain

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a raincoat

It doesn’t matter that your glasses catch droplets of rain

Something tells you to stand still,

Ignore your knee jerk reaction to pull your hood up

Hug your jacket close

You just open your arms

Turn your face to the sky

And stand



Sleep With Me

Sleep with me,
Crawl into my bed
Share my pillow
Let me hold you
Cradle you to my breast
Stroke your hair,
As tension melts from
Your form.
Allow me to whisper
Truths of your soul’s
Beauty into your ear
As your eyes drift shut,
As your breathing
Becomes even,
As sleep takes you in.