May 1, 2015

If I were to push you from my mind,

How far would you fall?

Would you crash?

Shatter into a million pieces,

Or would you land on the ledge

Just outside my consciousness

Where you will wait

Before you slowly begin your climb

Back inside.


She liked her alone time, but Nocturne felt, perhaps, she had too much.  She needed to let go.  To leave all of her fears and inhibitions behind.

Easier said then done, she mused.  Time and time again she felt herself crawling back into her shell, closing it tightly around herself.  It was thick, hard, protective.

Nocturne rolled her shoulder.  It ached.  Must be the mist, she muttered.  Maybe a bit, but she knew the truth.  It as where she held much of her tension, her stress.  Pain shot down her arm, crawled up her neck.  She should take something for it.  Perhaps some valerian.  Maybe she should just go to sleep.  Sleep and forget her fear.  Her sadness.  When she thought of her loneliness, tears welled in her eyes.  Scratched behind her lids.  She blinked them back.  Refusing to cry.  Nocturne liked being on her own.  Enjoyed it.  Revelled in the solitude.

How lazily she lied, even to herself.  Ah, well.  

All that Remains

I purge you from my body

with the shedding of my womb

you were the last thing to come

out of me


before the blood

it’s symbolic, don’t you think?


what remains of us

runs down my legs

like the times you

made me cum


Silly Things

What’s funny is what we leave behind

The things that we take for granted

Little things, silly things

Things which aren’t things at all but

Essential to feeling whole, complete

The feel of another’s touch

The pat of an arm, graze of a hand

Contact to remind us that we are human

Feeling creatures

Without it,

Who will remind us of the distance?

How will we know when to look back

Reach out and connect

With each other, to each other?

We are all just strings

Tethering ourselves

From past to future to present


“Breathe.” She said,
And I remembered what it felt like to be alive.

“Breathe.” She said,
And I remembered breath is needed to sustain life,
So long I had been dwelling in the emptiness
Which hangs between life and death
Not wanting to live, but not ready to die
Devoid of wanting, empty of passion
The nothing space, visited only
By sadness and fear

“Breathe.” She said,
And I filled my lungs with air,
Felt my soul rush back into this body