In which a Poet meets a typewriter

Complexity// an attractive word

sexy. nuanced. containing a variety of things

how does one contemplate an echo?

if we kissed//would you remember in 20 years?

fondly//sweetly? would a smile hug your lips?

as I hugged your mouth? would you lean into me?

what makes a thing romantic?

what makes a cloud or gesture or song romantic?

how do we diffuse jealousy?

our love is ephemeral// only exists in dreams

and moments we create together when we share the same breath && space && daringly tender hopes && fears // what does it mean to be hopeful//

how do we contend with fear?? & longing && v tangible boxes & barriers &&

how do we write mindlessly when the mind is full?

endlessly// rhythmically full of thought and idea and clarity of purpose//if only for an instant fleeting

impression lasting and seeking another moment of wisdom or truth or strength of mission and sovereign dream

everything you hand me feels like home

i hold it in my hand // palm open // as i hold you

mostly in moment && memory && magic

like the mountains i look at as i type

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