Life has a way of shattering my fairy tales

She’s a testy bitch, to tell the truth

But I love the shit out of her

She’s all time and space and energy and matter,

Made of this world are wind and rain, land and sea

When they collide, it can be beauty, or it can be havoc, or it can be both.

I wish that I could reach back through time.

Grasp a seed, or stone or leaf

Hold it in my hand, bring full circle that from which we have come

Think, what kind of energy that would be?

What kind of sensation would that impart?

I imagine it breaking shape as it weaves and collides with moments and places and things,

Before looping itself under and around

The seed, or stone or leaf,

And pulling it back. Bringing it all together, as life condenses back into itself.

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