Late at night,

When darkness drifts around me,

my mind wanders and

I wonder what you think,

When you think of me

Does your heart pound, nervously,

in your chest?

When we’re falling asleep

I put my hand on your heart, or

My head on your neck, just

To feel your pulse, just

To see if it’s racing

In time with my own

Sometimes it is

and it is in those moments that

I’ll pull you into me

Around me

Covering myself with your chest

your thighs,

your sex,

I want to press against you

to feel held

to feel loved

You rest your hand on my hip

Gently, tentatively

Afraid of me

or yourself

I cannot tell

A battle rages inside of you

I can feel it in your movements

You shift away from me,

then towards me

Until it seems there is only you,

and me,

and your hand,

and my hip

Until my breathing becomes even

and I settle against you

and you ease yourself into me

As we fall,





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