Fairest of them All

I saw Snow White sitting 

On a sidewalk

She was wedged between 

A trash can and a light post

She was drunk

And smoking a


I guess she woke up 

To the lies the dwarves 

Had told her

Got hip to the birds

Whispering in her ear

Found out no prince

Could save her,

Would save her

Snow White learned 

The world

Is deeper than that

Darker than that

I watched

As she pulled on her


Looked vacantly at

The flame

Raising a bottle

To her lips,

She attempted

To drink away

The pain

As I turned

And walked away

Fairy Tales,

I thought,

Would never

Be the same

Charlie Was a Sinner…

You like that 

I want you

enjoy the way

I tense 

When you press your

breasts against me

It excites you,

I can tell


I’m not here to play

this is not a game

I want with my soul

Not my cunt

You press your breasts

against me


tell me to run 


Tell me how not to be stardust

Because it is all I eat. sleep. breathe.

I want you to tell me how to fade

into nothing

Sink back into that place where

it all began

Before there was you or me

Or sun or sky

When life wasn’t life at all

Not a dream, or a concept

Just space, trying to condense itself

Trying to create time,

Waiting to explode

Letter to a Would-Be Lover:

I don’t like the way you affect me

the way I let you affect me
You’ve slipped inside me somehow

and I don’t know where you are
So I don’t know how to get you out

but you’re in here
Fucking with me

And I need you to stop.


I’m in a flurry

Surrounded by love and

would-be lovers 
This life has become a storm
I’ve committed to standing

Being stationary 

and my spirit can not cope
It craves mystery

I don’t believe in second chances

Because I don’t believe 

Things truly end
They cycle

Reflect – then

Carry on

There’s energy in 

Beginning though 
Maybe that is what 

Draws me to them

It’s a dangerous kind of 


How can I betray

Something that 

Never was? 

Never is

I know I can 

I know I did

It was an act of 




To return to myself

The piece of me that

You took

That I offered up

Back when I

Misread the



They tell me I’m trouble

I don’t know how I feel about it

But I suppose it’s true

Maybe I’ll wear it like a badge of honor

Accept that I’m a storm

All wind and rain and

Broken limbs and fallen leaves

I can’t help if you get caught up

I rage and consume

Let me consume you

They tell me it’s darkest 

before the dawn 

Maybe that’s where they meet me,

When I’m nothing but chaos


Spilling onto whatever 

Surrounds me