Don’t fear the Sandman

Welcome him into your eyes

See the messages he sprinkles into your mind

He is whispering truth to you

Sometimes, truth is violent

Sometimes, truth is gentle

Always though, it is terrible and destructive

Lovely and beautiful


I think I’ll dream of you forever

Your blue-grey eyes

Will follow me into sleep

Each time the Sandman

dusts my eyes with earth

People Watching

I enjoy witnessing people interact with their day

Appreciate how their emotions dance about them

The clipped movements of frustration,

Pouring out of anger and sadness

One minute there, the next moment gone,

Sometimes, still dripping like a leaky faucet

Wandering Mind

The bees are dying

she makes me laugh

deep, gutteral, soulful

we pulled paint brushes down and across

grained, knotted wood

she told me I could sleep in her bed forever

I cuddled with her dog

she holds my face when she kisses me

last night, just before falling asleep

I felt her rain kisses down my spine

being held is a radical concept

there’s a cut on my finger

I don’t remember where it came from


The serpent calls to me as I pass by

‘I’ve always wanted you, you know.’

tongue slithering across his mouth

He does not know I am

not my sister

I am Lillith,

and I will eat him alive


I reach for my knife

‘That’s funny,’ I say

‘I’ve been wanting new boots.’


She plopped down onto the stool in an exhausted, but gay fashion

She glanced over her surroundings searching for the hint of commradarie 

She found none.

The bartender brought over her drink, setting it in front of her

Smile warm, knowing

She saw only the drink.

Cupping her palms around it, 

she stared

Watched the foam pop

and ring the edges

Raising it to her mouth, she inhaled a little

Before taking a sip

then another

and another

Until the drink was gone.

Deciding she still felt too much,

She ordered another.