She liked her alone time, but Nocturne felt, perhaps, she had too much.  She needed to let go.  To leave all of her fears and inhibitions behind.

Easier said then done, she mused.  Time and time again she felt herself crawling back into her shell, closing it tightly around herself.  It was thick, hard, protective.

Nocturne rolled her shoulder.  It ached.  Must be the mist, she muttered.  Maybe a bit, but she knew the truth.  It as where she held much of her tension, her stress.  Pain shot down her arm, crawled up her neck.  She should take something for it.  Perhaps some valerian.  Maybe she should just go to sleep.  Sleep and forget her fear.  Her sadness.  When she thought of her loneliness, tears welled in her eyes.  Scratched behind her lids.  She blinked them back.  Refusing to cry.  Nocturne liked being on her own.  Enjoyed it.  Revelled in the solitude.

How lazily she lied, even to herself.  Ah, well.  

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