The Alchemist

I gave you a book to read,
So that maybe you could

Understand a little bit of
What is on my soul
It sat on the bottom of your night
Stand, for months
Until timidly, I asked for it back

And I can’t help but think

This is a metaphor for our relationship.

Unfinished Business


I don’t want to write about her
The thought infuriates me
It is unclear which part sets my blood to boiling
I think it is the silence
It fills the space made vacant by love
Weaves itself through the cracks in our connection
Makes being together worse than being alone
Creates a space crowded with her and me and emptiness and pain
Words which were spoken and words left unsaid
The truth of us is hidden in here somewhere
Tucked beneath my hurt heart,
Wedged beside her stubborn sadness