Siren Call

You are as consant as the Sea

Ever moving, ever changing

You ebb and flow with the

Rise and fall of the tides

Yet I know with a shocking

And at times terrifying certainty

That I can retrace my steps

Wander down to the shore and find you

Some days you shimmer bright and

Almost blinding like a sapphire

In the sun, other times

I find you  green-grey

Your surface rippling and turbulent

Caught in a brilliant storm

Still, I know I will find you

No matter the state of your waters

You are there, and you calm me

Call me to your banks as a

Siren to a sailor

And I readily bare my skin and dive

Blissful, into your depths.

Tell Me More

I remember kissing you,

Rolling over and pulling your body into mine

Inhaling the musky, earthy scent of you.

Somehow, I worked up the courage to

Look into your eyes and you,

Lovely you,

Gazed back, unflinching, unmoving.

Tentatively, I ran my fingers through your hair,

I touched each strand,  and let them fall through,

Weave themselves around my fingers and watched

In wonder as your eyes drifted slowly closed,


Your smile sent warmth directly to my soul

I lived to see that smile tug at the corners of  your mouth,

Watched as your lips ordered me to kiss them,

Swooned while your eyes begged me to love them,

Wrapping my arms around your body

I buried my face in your neck and felt

You open to me, welcome me.

You spoke to me in the language of my heart

A language I had thought only I understood

But that first night, I looked into your eyes and

From the moment our lips touched

You spoke to me, fluent and clear,

Whispered your understanding,

And I heard my heart say,

Tell me more.