Sleep With Me

Sleep with me,
Crawl into my bed
Share my pillow
Let me hold you
Cradle you to my breast
Stroke your hair,
As tension melts from
Your form.
Allow me to whisper
Truths of your soul’s
Beauty into your ear
As your eyes drift shut,
As your breathing
Becomes even,
As sleep takes you in.

Stand Back!

Stand back!
I am going to try –

Feeling those things…
What are they called?

A revolutionary thought
To be sure
Feelings generally are meant

To be boxed up
Put away
Saved for a rainy, rainy day

What’s that saying?

When it rains it pours!
I can’t take it anymore!
Time to try another way

Feel these feelings everyday
No more locking them away

Perhaps I’ll begin

With one a day
No sense in getting carried


Caught, snared, captured
Hopeless or hopeful?
Her eyes found me
Sought me, kept me
Held me in their gaze
All things swayed out of focus
Shifted, just left of center
Left us in the middle
Alone, together, alone.
Penetrating, seeking, searching
Her eyes bore into me
Rousing secrets I’d buried
Stories I’d forgotten, searching
Holding, prodding, held.
Was she in my world, or was I in hers?
Her eyes, those eyes, portals
I was most certainly in hers.
Someone spoke,
Portal to her world closed
All things shifted, swayed
Placed me back into my world
Alone, ever, alone.