Rage.  Rage.  I blink back my fiery tears.  I will not allow this wave to take me under.  The current is strong, but my resolve is stronger.

I am blinded.  Droplets of the salty sea fly into my eyes.  Bring salty tears to the brims of my lashes.  I rage.  Oh how I rage.  Balance lost,  I flail my arms in a seemingly futile effort to steady myself.

Another wave.  I have yet to recover from the first.  Yet here it is.  Stronger, larger than the last.  Again, nearly pulling me under.  I gasp for air.  Fight to surface.  This is a test of my strength, my cunning my fortitude.  

I must not fail.  I will not fail.

Fight fight.  Rage rage.  Live. Live.


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